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Target Swiss Diamond Pro Silver Dart Point Darts Points


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Swiss Point is a patented interchangeable point system which allows you to switch your point length, style and colour in seconds with the pocket-sized Swiss Point tool being all you need to remove and install your points. The patented locking system uses taper and thread technology, ensuring your points will not come loose during play. Swiss Points feature a strategically engineered groove which ensures broken points can still be removed with the Swiss Point tool. Swiss Point is designed to make switching your points as simple as changing your shafts and flights – making it accessible to more players around the world who want to adjust their points to suit their playing style and board conditions. Swiss Point launches with its namesake unique barrel design, offering a stunning precision milled grip with a variety of barrel shapes and weights to suit a range of playing styles.

You May Also Need the Pocket sized SP tool (not included) – all you need to switch your points

Patented locking system using taper and threaded technology ensures your points stay locked in during play

Engineered groove ensures broken points can still be removed with the SP Tool meaning your darts are never out of action.

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