Quality DOUBLE Tropicana Rio Hammock Capacity 200kg 5 x Colour Options



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Price: $74.00

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Rio Double Hammock

Great for:

Verandas and Pergolas

Pregnancy and Breast Feeding



Back Packing


Durable Stylish

100% cotton

Dimensions (Approximately): 2.4 x 1.6


Max Capacity: 200 Kg

When it comes to a Double size hammock, it is really important to start considering safety as a top priority. 

In the hammock industry, safety is fully related to the quality 

of the material and the technique used to make them. 

Tropicana Imports has been in the industry since 1999 and has also been assessing suppliers and 

factories all over the world in order to guarantee top quality products to its customers.

The Rio Double Hammock can comfortably accommodate two adults and its weight capacity is 200Kgs.

Where to hang it? 

Tropicana has a range of Hammock Accessories that will help you to hang our products such as:

– Hammock Hook Plates (can be attached to timbered or concreted surfaces)

– Hammock Spring (it will give you an extra comfort when hooking your hammock to it)

– Tree Saver Straps (this comes perfectly when you don’t want to put holes in the wall). 

All you need is to find your favorite tree log or a pool in order to set up 

the tree saver and hook up your hammock through it.

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