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Winmau Blade 6 Dual Core Dartboard, Darts and Shot Darts Anthem Surround Set

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Winmau Blade 6 Dual Core Tournament Dartboard and Anthem Surround Set



NEW DUAL CORE Winmau Professional Blade 6 Dart Board

Blade 6 Dual Core’s finely tuned innovations are a statement of performance and quality made for the most aspiring dart player.

Dimensions: 450mm Diameter x 38mm Thickness

The patented Dual Core dartboard base offers a seamless, high visibility playing surface and optimised core density designed for maximum scoring. Reduced density at the outer core facilitates smooth dart penetration whilst the high-density inner core absorbs excess kinetic energy, optimising dart retention and durability.

Blade’s pioneering web design features the latest ‘Density Control™’ wire for optimum fibre density and improved dart retention in the double, treble and bullseye zones, for maximum scoring power.

The ultra-thin 60° angled wire deflects darts into the scoring area for absolute minimal bounce outs. The fully hardened bullseye and outer bull, featuring ‘Density Control™’ wire, are now 25% thinner.

Fitted with the easy adjust Rota-Lock mounting system, the Blade 6 Dual Core fits any wall allowing you to start playing within minutes.

Made from the finest East African sisal for the most demanding players and environments. Blade 6 Dual Core is Professional Tournament approved and made to official World Darts Federation specifications.


Bring Shot Warrior style to your dart lane, and help your walls survive stray steel tip darts with the impressive, professional one-piece Anthem Dartboard Surround. The injection-molded polymer ring fits securely over standard-sized dartboards and holds stray dart points securely. It’s light and easy to install; slip it over your steel tip dartboard, and you’re ready to go.


This all-in-one wall protector showcases stunning artwork by New Zealand designer Julie Paama-Pengally. Her ‘Wahi Toro Tika’ represents the spirit of competition and incorporates the four winds’ nga hau e wha’ – symbolizing our connection to those near and far through the comradeship of darts.


The Anthem non-reflective Dartboard Surround looks sensational, but it won’t put you off your throw. If you’re looking for something unique, or a beautiful bit of setup kit, it’s a real conversation starter.


Protect your walls from stray darts

Prevent accidental damage to your darts- holds steel dart points firmly

Made from durable, high-density polymer for heavy use. Non-reflective surface.

Fits securely over any standard-sized dartboard

Light and ready to install-slips directly over your board


6 x Brass Darts included. (2 sets)

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