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Unicorn HD 2 HD2 Competition Dart Board and Timber Cherry Wood Cabinet


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Unicorn Eclipse HD 2 Dartboard Set
Only for the professional player.
Specifications – 18″(45.7cm) in Diameter x 1 1/2″(3.8cm) Thick
UNICORN HD2 Dart Board
Dart Board Cabinet
Games of darts Booklet & Checkout table

Solid Wood Cherry Colour with felt backing,
Closed Cabinet Measures: 644mm high x 590mm wide,
Open Cabinet Measures 640mm high x 1150mm wide.
Next Generation Bristle Dartboard Technology. The New Standard.
Finest Grade “A” Sisal, Seamless playing surface for higher scores New.
Spider2. New Radial Wires, Total Clean Playing Area New.
Super Thin Bullseye. 2% Increased Playing Area to “25”
Ring 14% Increased Playing Area to “Bullseye”
New Injection Moulded High Definition Replaceable
Numbers and Invisible Number Ring Unicorn.
The Official Dartboard of the PDC
The new Unicorn Eclipse HD2 dartboard is to be used for the first
time in competition at the Betway World Cup of Darts,
following the unveiling of the revolutionary new product.
The Eclipse HD2 board will feature ground-breaking technology,
setting a new standard for dartboards in both look, performance and quality.
Using the finest “Grade A” sisal, the dartboard also features the new
Spider2 Radial Wires and Super Thin Bullseye which provide
for a seamless playing surface,
improved playing areas around the bullseye and
the most visually stunning dartboard ever.
In addition, a new-look invisible number ring also features
Injection Moulded High Definition Replaceable Numbers.

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