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Stratos Garlando Air Hockey Table Arcade Video Game Machine Large Full Pub Size


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Air hockey table with professional size and features.

Italian Made

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The fine cabinet line is enhanced by the black and aluminium colour combination, alternating to produce a visual effect of great elegance. The playing surface geometrical patterns will exalt competitions reaching very high speeds and requiring the players a remarkable dynamism, concentration power, quick reflexes and movement coordination. Because of its sturdy and stable structure, Stratos will excellently suit collectivities and communities’ requirements.

16mm thick MDF cabinet, with black coating and chromium-plated profiles, with anti-bump and anti-scratch finishings.
Sturdy legs in heavy-duty 16mm thick MDF with black coating and chromium-plated profiles. Leg levellers allow a perfectly flat playing surface on uneven floors.
Handrails in MDF coated with aluminium effect laminate PVC with corners in black laminate PVC.
The inner handrails are strengthened by an aluminium layer with an effective anti-bump result.
The 3mm thick playing surface has a white background with attractive scratch-resistant and bump-resistant geometrical decorations, easy to maintain and clean.
The playing surface has several small holes to convey the air flux produced by a powerful blower. The air comes out at a constant pression, creating a uniform air cushion.
High performance blower below the playing surface, with electrical connection at 220V-240V/ 50-60 HZ and ON/OFF switch button to switch the machine on and off.
Iron tube double roll bar with display in plastic material bearing an electronic score counter to mark goals. The score counter is already programmed with modality “sound” (uttering a sound each time a goal is scored).
Quick and easy puck recovery through an exit behind each goal.
Accessories include: 4 hammers and 4 pucks.
Packing with strong protections inside the carton, to prevent the table from suffering damages during the transport.

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