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Spinster POOL, SNOOKER Cue Tip 3x NEW 14mm orange Glue on type Grip Tip + CUEGOO No Chalk Needed


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Set Includes 3 x Grip Tips, 1 x Cue Glue (CUEGOO)

The Grip Tips are made from specialised Elastima and are generally considered a soft tip, or you can modify them to suit your own personal preference.

To modify, the Grip Tips can be sanded and shaped or cut down to create a harder hit.

As this tip is not like the standard leather tip it plays VERY different and will take time to get used to. Your play needs to be adjusted. If you would like the tip to perform like a leather tip please buy leather tips.

Grip tip is known as “the chalk-less tip” You can choose to use chalk or not.














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