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Formula Sports Portable Dart Board Camping Set includes Dart Board, Stand, Surround, Light and Mat


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FORMULA Micro-Band 3

Formula Surround

Winmax Dart Stand

Corona Dart Light

Formula Dart Mat

Dart Board:

MICRO-BAND 3 Dart Board

Tournment size

More Refined than the original Micro Band, Finer Super Dense Sisal,

Enhanced Powder coated White Number Ring and Razor Wire.

Micro-Band dart board has a ultra thin band & wire system.

Staple Free Bullseye.

For the professional player.

High performance ultra thin stainless steel razor wires with

no staples gives consistently higher scoring opportunities.

Micro-Bands 3 ensure the least amount of wire & optimum target area.

Dart Board Surround:


Protect your darts from hitting the wall!


Light Weight

Made from durable polyurethane (pu). Protects the area around

your dartboard by catching any stray darts,

it gives approximately 120mm extra throw off area around the board

and is 33mm thick.

No Tools or Fixing Kit Required

Dart Stand:

FORMULA Dart Board Stand Portable

This portable easy to assemble compact unit allows you to play wherever you go.



LED Dart Board Lighting System

With Magnetic attachment,

the Corona lighting system is the new and more

convenient way of lighting your dartboard.

The feet of the Corona are magnetic,

allowing them to attach to the steel ring of the Dartboard.

You can use the Corona with a Dartboard and surround,

Dartboard Cabinet set or just a dartboard on its own.

The Corona also works with any Dartboard bracket.

Using 125 individual LED lights,

the Corona lighting system Illuminates your board and provides consistent

light regardless of the ambient lighting in your room.

The latest in LED technology also dramatically improves your

vision of the board and with 360 degrees of

light the board is virtually shadowless!

Dart Mat:

This Mat is Great, Protect your darts,

Keeps you the correct distance from the dart board! instructions included,

Weighs over 8kg and over 8ft long!

Non Slip Grip

Non Coil Flat Based Rubber


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