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Grass Card Game Adult Party Board Game Marijuana Hemp


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Grass is one truly addictive game, even without inhaling. 

Comprising a deck of high quality playing cards, 

Grass is a card game playable anywhere and anytime, 

all without risk of being arrested. 

The object of Grass is to be the first player to make $250,000 

by hustling weed (and not your garden variety either). 

Try to stop your opponents by putting the heat 

on their drug peddling by using the Detained, 

Search and Seizure cards, or steal from your opponents stash, 

but be careful as others will try to get at your stash as well. 

Try to remain calm and avoid the Paranoia cards, which’ll forfeit your turn. 

Grass is one highly immersive card game that’ll truly test the deceit, 

trickery and sharp negotiation skills of the most strategic thinkers 

out there. 

Contents: * 104 cards * 28 contemporary, 

original works of art * Game rules

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