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CUETEC FIBREGLASS WOOD Burgundy Pool Snooker Billiard Cue and Case


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2 piece cue

This cue is the genuine article manufactured with a “solid timber core”

then encased in Fiberglass finish.

10 mm tip, 58 inches long

BEWARE of imitators selling hollow polyurethane / imitation fiberglass cues,

my Cuetec Cues are genuine.

I would like to introduce you to the best made production cue

in the world today. I am talking about the Cuetec® cue.

The Cuetec® Cue has the best hit and feel of any production cue

made today, whether it be made of traditional wood only or composite clad.

The Cuetec® Cue permanently Power-Bonds, by a patented process,

either fiberglass or graphite to wood to make a cue that is far superior to

any production cue made today at prices that are much lower than

one would expect for a professional quality, professionally endorsed cue.

The graphite or fiberglass strengthens the cue giving you a stronger break.

The composite cladding also makes the cue extremely ding, dent, scratch,

and warp resistant.

Composite materials such as graphite and fiberglass have

revolutionized many other sports such as tennis, skiing,

fishing, and golf.

Cuetec® now revolutionizes billiards!

We start with the best available Hard Rock Maple.

We use only the best tips, ferrules, joints, and wraps.

We seal the exposed ends with a fiber nylon insert to prevent

atmospheric conditions from affecting the wood.

We use only state of the art construction equipment and techniques.

 The quality control is second to none.

We put forth all of this effort to insure you get the finest professional

quality production cue made today.

We also do something out of the ordinary.

This professional quality cue is affordable!

Now anyone can buy the same production cue that several of the world champion players use. 

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