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101 Drinking Games Board Game The Best WILD Alcohol Games

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A fabulous collection of 101 wild and wicked drinking games that is 

simply guaranteed to turn any evening into a night to remember… 

or perhaps one to forget!

With a box packed to the gunwales with high-quality components, 

the games come supplied with a special rule book. 

Wadical and Widiculous Word Games to weally wuddle your murds… 

Shockingly outrageous Action Games to enhance your reputation… 

Dastardly Dice Games to give your bottle some added zip… 

And a rip-roaring set of Plain Daft Games to leave you in stitches… 

It will turn any social get-together into a hilarious night to remember… 

or perhaps one youd rather forget!

CONTENTS: Playing Cards deck, drawing pad, drinking game cards, 

dice pair, sand timer, pencils, straws, battle drinks pad, 

ping-pong ball, eye-mask, rules.

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