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Table Tennis Supplies

Elevate Your Game Room with Quality Table Tennis Supplies

At Pool Room Supplies, we are ready to help you take your game room to the next level, with quality table tennis supplies from brands such as Formula, Wizard and Storm. Whether you are looking for table tennis bats, ping pong balls or even an attachment to turn your pool table into a ping pong table, we can help.

When Buying Table Tennis Supplies, Consider This

Ping pong is a great game in part because you don’t need to spend a considerable amount of money for a great in-house setup. Here are a few items to consider as part of your shopping list as you seek to add table tennis as one of your game room staples.

  • The table: Perhaps you already have a ping pong table. Maybe you are looking for an affordable option and aren’t sure where to start. Full tables cost a fair amount of money, but this removable ping pong table top is terrific because it can attach to your pool table or dining table and turn it into a regulation-size ping pong table.
  • The bat: You’ll want a few ping pong bats in your game room to start—at least four, for potential two-on-two matches. Having a couple of backup bats isn’t a bad idea, either—in case one gets broken or misplaced. We are proud to carry a range of quality table tennis bats in Australia, ranging in price from affordable starter bats to more expensive, higher-quality bats that deliver more in terms of speed and spin. Which bat is right for you will depend on your skill and experience levels.
  • The balls: We carry a few different options for ping pong balls, from standard white or yellow table tennis balls in bulk to smaller packages of novelty ping pong balls.

Explore our extensive range of table tennis supplies to find everything you need for your game room.

Related Products We Provide to Table Tennis Bats

In addition to serving as an online retailer that offers ping pong bats for sale (among other ping pong supplies), we are also a broader game room supplier than can help you find whatever you need to build the ultimate rec room in your home. Our other products include (but are not limited to) the following.

  • Pool and billiard supplies: What’s more central to the ultimate game room than a quality billiards setup? From the pool tables themselves to the cues and the balls, we can supply everything you need and then some to start honing your pool skills at home.
  • Darts: Dartboards and darts are a terrific addition to any game room. Unlike pool tables, a dartboard doesn’t take up a lot of space. Like pool tables, dart boards are still a lot of fun. Shop with us for all your dart or dartboard needs.
  • Man cave and bar supplies: Game rooms and man caves or in-house bar areas are often one and the same. From glass wear to cooler bags and beyond, we can help you put the finishing touches on your man cave space.

Why Trust Pool Room Supplies Regarding Your Table Tennis Supplies

We have been helping customers build awesome game rooms since 1972. The products we offer aren’t cheap knock-offs of what you would see at your favourite pub. On the contrary, these products are just as good, making it easier to have a good time without even leaving the basement. Contact us today if you have any questions about table tennis bats, ping pong balls, pool tables or any other gaming needs.

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