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The Grafex Cue Range (the 2nd best to Cuetec cues) contains the latest and most innovative cue manufacturing technology available with unparalleled control and performance.

The Superior construction in both balance and weight distribution is due to the use of advanced composite materials. Composite materials such as graphite have revolutionized many other sports such as tennis, skiing, fishing and golf.

Graphite cues are more durable then wooden cues and are warp resistant. Many cues like the Chinese TR Sports copy’s claim to be warp-resistant but the Grafex cue is a world leader, as unlike many other manufacturers, the Grafex range has a resin-filled core and no timber content in the butt or shaft. Grafex cues are damage & warp resistant within the temperature range of 80C and 75C.

The Grafex’s smooth revolutionary slim tapered shaft allows for unparalleled control and performance, offering the strongest and steadiest stroke. The Grafex Shaft finish also prevents drag and “catching of the fingers” to ensure your shot is consistent.

The Grafex range features a Stainless steel Joint constructed with a CNC process which reduces vibration and ensures cue straightness.

Grafex cues feature now feature the world renowned Elkmaster tips made from high quality treated leather. A quality tip prevents the cue from slipping, causing you to miss a shot.

The Grafex range utilise revolutionary internal multi-weight technology, allowing users to easily adjust the cue weight and offering one of the most flexible cues on the market today.

Inferior graphite cues are manufactured using wood wrapped with a graphite & fibreglass blend coated with resin. The Timber in the butt of these cues can pose a risk of warping. A simple Rule is if the cue is over $200 in a retail store or over $100 on our website (most products are 1/2 retail prices) it will be a true Graphite cue.

Utilising the highest quality components and top quality craftsman innovations, Grafex has a reputation as one of the leading graphite cues in the world today.

Choosing a Grafex Cue is choosing a cue that combines style, quality and performance to produce a truly magnificent product.

PoolRoomSupplies is proud to be able to offer you the Grafex & Neon graphite cue ranges. The stunning look and feel, combined with the superior design of the graphite cues allows for maximum performance with minimum effort.

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