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Strachan 6811

Find Incredible Variety When You Buy Strachan 6811 Felt in Australia Online

If you’re a dedicated pool player, you notice little things about your equipment. For you to play your very best, every detail needs to be perfect—from the quality of your balls to the cues you’re using, and the felt on your table. This last criterion is of particular importance since there are different types of cloth and several manufacturers in Australia whose products vary in quality. Putting together the perfect pool table for your rec room or pub may require you to learn a little about this important but often ignored feature of the game.

There are two main types of cloth for pool tables: English cloth and speed cloth. English cloth is typically found on—you guessed it—English snooker tables. It tends to be thicker, and play slower than its counterpart, which is more commonly found on American tables of over 8ft in length. In Australia, it’s possible to find tables of each variety, so the type of cloth you choose is up to you. However, in either case, you’ll want to make sure your felt comes from a brand that is known for the quality of their products.

One such brand is Strachan 6811, whose felt became famous worldwide during the century-plus tenure of the company. Strachan 6811 is well known for their premium English cloth, but also offers several speed cloth options of exceptional quality. They offer fewer colours than some other brands, but more than make up for this with the craftsmanship of their felt. If you’re looking for a place to buy Strachan 6811 felt, it may be a good idea to look online. Several online shops exist that can ship your Strachan 6811 felt throughout Australia, allowing you to use some of the world’s best felt on your table.

Buy Strachan 6811 Felt Online with Pool Room Supplies

One such enterprise is Pool Room Supplies, a family owned business that has been connecting Australians with quality pool accessories since 1972. Since 2003, we’ve used the internet to give our customers access to a huge selection of quality goods and materials that they can use to enhance their game, including Strachan 6811 felt. When you outfit your pool table with this impeccably crafted felt, you’ll be able to rack the balls with confidence each time you play. Since we source our products in bulk from all over the country, we’re also able to offer them at extremely friendly prices—so you could say that shopping with us is always your lucky “break”.

Fast and Easy Shipping for Your Orders

Pool Room Supplies is dedicated to making sure that our customers receive their new purchases promptly so that you can get around to playing with them quickly. We ship each working day (excluding public holidays) so that there’s no unnecessary waiting on your end. Visit us online today and buy the felt your table deserves. From our warehouse, straight to the pool room, we offer products and services you’ll love.

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