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Sea Eagles

Pool Accessories and More: Buy Sea Eagles Merchandise Online

You finally splurged and got that pool table you’ve always wanted from Pool Room Supplies. Now, you need to know how to properly maintain it so that it always looks good when your mates come over for game night.

The first thing to remember when brushing your pool table is to always brush in only one direction, from the D end to the racking area. Also, be sure that you are going with the grain of the cloth. These rules apply for both the bed and the cushions.

To brush the cushions, start under and then brush on top. When brushing the bed, you can dispose of any dust and debris out of the end two pockets. Lastly, you will want to brush the end cushions with a clockwise motion. You may want to implement the use of a rail brush to make it easier.

Now that your pool table is looking good, you’ll want to ensure everything else does too. At Pool Room Supplies, you can buy Sea Eagles merchandise online to spruce up your pool room and show everyone your favourite team. You can find the Sea Eagles logo on pretty much anything you might need for your pool table, including cues, ball sets, and cue cases.

Don’t just limit your Sea Eagles merchandise to pool accessories. We carry Sea Eagles card decks, cooler carrying bags and so much more. Buy Sea Eagles merchandise online from us for a broad range of quality and professional products.

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