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AFL Bar Fridges

Bar Fridges Matter: Top Off Your Perfect Man Cave with an AFL Bar Fridge

You work hard, and you deserve a place to call your own – a place to relax after a long day and to spend a lazy weekend watching your favourite sports. Perhaps you want to hang out with your friends, or just to escape from it all, put your feet up, and enjoy a beer (or four) while you contemplate life (or nothing at all).

You deserve a man cave.

Whether you’re just now putting yours together or you’ve had it for years, there are some essentials to keep in mind that can make your man cave all it should be.

Man Cave Essentials

For starters, your man cave should be disconnected from the rest of the house in some way. A basement that’s separated by a door is ideal. If you don’t have a basement, an area disconnected from your house will work, such as a guest house. A disconnect from your regular living space is essential to making your escape. A garage can do the trick, but you’ll have to tweak it a bit to make sure the temperature is comfortable and that it has all the space and luxury you want. If none of these is an option, no worries – stake out a room in your home, close the door, and make it clear that it’s off limits to others unless invited!

You’ll also need a big, comfy couch. A large U or L sectional that seats at least six people is ideal, but you’ll also do fine with a three-seater and a recliner or two. A couch with reclining sections and one that is treated to be stain resistant is best; leather is easy to wipe clean when those inevitable beer spills happen.

A great big flat screen TV is also essential – the bigger, the better. Spring for the highest quality you can afford; you and your mates will be watching lots of games in your man cave. You could also choose a high-quality projector screen. Whichever way you go with this, make sure it has an incredible surround sound system! Plus, of course, your man cave just won’t be complete without a pool table.

Once you’ve got your location, your seating, your TV, and your pool table in line (plus perhaps some cool memorabilia or other décor), all you need is a bar! The ultimate man cave should be equipped with a fully stocked bar – but at a minimum, you need a good selection of beer for your buddies and a stylish way to keep it cold.

Our Selection of AFL Bar Fridges

There’s no better way to keep your beer cold than in an NRL or AFL bar fridge. Our bar fridges are perfect for man caves or pool rooms. These great can-shaped fridges let you proudly display your favourite team’s logo. Equipped with wheels as well as stability feet, your NRL or AFL fridge will be stable and portable. And with thermostatically controlled temperature, your beer will be ice-cold and ready to pop open the moment you arrive.

Details matter when it comes to creating the perfect man cave. Outfit yours with a bar fridge from Pool Room Supplies.

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