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Man Cave & Bar Supplies

NPC Amusements, Your Place to Buy Man Cave Supplies Online

NPC Amusements is a family-owned and operated business established in 1972. We are in our 3rd generation of selling all types of man cave supplies, and we expanded to sell man cave supplies online in 2003.

What is a Man Cave Exactly, and Where Did the Term Originate?

Merriam-Webster defines a Man Cave as “a room or space (as in a basement) designed according to the taste of the man of the house to be used as his personal area for hobbies and leisure activities.”

According to, the term Man Cave derived in 1992 from the book “Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus.” The book describes that men go into their “cave” to deal with their issues that they don’t want to discuss. Just as the phrase evolved from the book, the use of the actual Man Cave has evolved. It is no longer a place to contemplate, but rather a place to enjoy the fruits of life – Beer, sports, games and tacky furnishings and décor not welcome in the rest of the predominantly female decorated portions of the house.

The Man Cave is the last bastion of masculinity and bachelorhood. When men get married or move in with their girlfriends, most, if not all of their furnishings and possessions get relegated to boxes in the garage or attic. Those items then systematically disappear and end up in landfills, unbeknownst to their enthusiastic owners. One would bet that if you were to conduct a survey of men aged 35-60 years old, ninety percent of them would confirm they used to own three things that went missing with no explanation when they got married. Their “Leg Lamp” inspired by the movie “A Christmas Story,” a red bathing suit clad Farrah Fawcett poster and a beer can collection. Without a doubt, these items reside in the local landfill in cardboard boxes or garbage bags labelled “rubbish” in their wife’s (or ex-wife’s) handwriting.

Where Can You Buy Man Cave Supplies Online?

NPC Amusements carries the best range of man cave supplies you can find. We sell quality pool tables, snooker and billiards tables, plus we stock all of the accessories for those tables such as cues, lights and cases. No man cave would be complete without one of our professional dartboards and darts. We can even customise your dartboard to make it a one of a kind element.

If you need to buy bar supplies for your man cave, we have a large selection online such as bar stools, tables, beer mats, signs and glasses. Literally, we are your go-to source for all man cave supplies!

Men, it is Time to Rise Up and Rage Against the Estrogen!

If you have not already done so, claim that out of the way underutilised space in your home. Go to and create or renovate the man cave of your dreams today. You will be the envy of all of your friends.

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