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Target Darts (Phil Taylor)

Target Darts is the World’s leading darts manufacturer. Creating the World’s most innovative products for World’s greatest players.

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Phil Taylor Target Darts at the Best Prices in Australia

So, you’ve finally cleared out space in your house for a game room, entertainment centre, or pool table, and you’re looking for some great accessories to add. Well, you probably won’t be satisfied with just anything—and chances are, your guests won’t either. Here’s the truth: people go wild for quality fixtures like pool tables and dartboards, but they need to have all the right pieces. If you want your dart board to look its best, you want to buy a set of quality target darts to go with it.

Where can you buy great target darts in Australia? Maybe you’ve been to some home decor stores in a futile effort to find cool toys for your space and been disappointed with the array of pillows and champagne glasses you found instead. Even if you did manage to find a store that sells target darts, you probably couldn’t find the right stuff: quality transparent dart flights, for example, or Pinch Grip technology for stems and shafts. Fortunately, NPC Amusements have you covered. We’re a family owned business in our third generation of selling quality pool room accessories to Australians who are serious about having fun in their homes. When you want to buy target darts, you need to look at us. Here’s why:

Buy Target Darts Online for Convenience and Quality

If you want to buy target darts in Australia, your best bet is to get them online. That’s because companies like NPC Amusements carry products that you won’t be able to find in most stores, like the Blade dartboard with an ultra-thin Razor Flush band wire system. These razor wires with no staples allow for consistently higher scoring opportunities and are used by professional dart players who want to use serious equipment.

If you’re looking for target darts, on the other hand, Phil Taylor tungsten darts are easily your best option. These premium darts are trusted by players worldwide, and are readily available through NPC Amusements, whereas you’d have to hunt far and wide to find them in most stores in Australia.

Prompt Shipping and Superb Customer Service

We’re a small company, so we take pride in the work we do and give it a highly personalised touch. When you order from us, we carefully pack all of your products in bubble wrap, cardboard, foam, poster tubes, fragile tape and padded bags to make sure that everything you want arrives safe and sound on your doorstep. Orders are also shipped every working day so that your purchases will arrive quickly once you buy them. Many pubs, clubs and fun parlours trust our website when they want top quality fixtures for their establishments. If you’re a business, call us to obtain your trade code. We also sell directly to the public, often at 20-80% below standard retail prices.

The next time you want great target darts for your home, pub or other location in Australia, save yourself time and money when you buy online from NPC Amusements. Visit our website today to see the products we have in stock.

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