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Find High-quality Dart Boards Online

The next time you’re playing darts at a bachelor party, family gathering or just with a group of friends on a Friday night, be sure your fun time isn’t hindered by a low-quality dart board. There are plenty of high quality dart boards to choose from online. The Pro-Blade Micro-Band Dart Board, for example, features an ultra thin band and wire system. Plus its high-performance ultrathin stainless steel razor wires with no staples gives consistently higher scoring opportunities. This dart board is good enough for a professional player and includes a high-quality cabinet and two free sets of brass darts, RRP $29.90 each! Likewise, the Bristle PRO BLADE Australian Pro Dart Board features the same ultra thin Razor Flush band wire system, but at a price that makes it more appropriate for less advanced players.

Don’t Let Low-Quality Dart Boards Ruin Your Good Times

Imagine attending your best friend’s bachelor party. You drink ice cold beer, eat expensive, perfectly seared steak and play darts in an ill-lit pub that you had been patronising for decades. You have a great time reminiscing about all of the things your small circle of friends had been through over the years. It’s an amazing night, aside for one annoying detail: the dart board you are playing on is a piece of junk.

As you drink pints of Hop Hog and share stories about ex-girlfriends, you throw your darts at the board only to watch them bounce off the sections they should have stuck to, despite your (mostly) proper throwing technique. The problem is so severe that you make a game out of it. The more sections you can hit without successfully landing the darts, the more points you are awarded. This could end up being a pretty fun alternative, especially as the night continues, but a simple game of darts would have been preferable to your inebriated substitute.

What Sets Us Apart from the Competition

There are limitless places to buy dart boards online these days. And with so many choices you may not know where to start. You could go to some massive online retailer or big box store to buy a dartboard and set of darts. Their low prices certainly make them attractive, but their poor customer service and lack of expertise leave a lot to be desired. Let me quickly explain what sets us apart from all your other choices. Originally established in 1972, our family owned and operated business has been selling quality dart boards and accessories for three generations. Our selection of high-quality products is available in our Lismore NSW location and online. We ship all over Australia and worldwide. So whether you need a new dart board for your man cave or just a set of darts, turn to us for friendly, reliable service and quality, low-priced products.

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