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Where to Find Essendon Bombers Merchandise

What a great year for the Bombers! After finishing 2016 at the bottom of the 18-team AFL, 2017 saw a rejuvenated Essendon Bombers team move up the ladder to seventh place by the end of the season. The team is especially excited after a strong trading period which saw several new recruits come in to strengthen the squad. The team also hopes to make some good selections in the upcoming draft. The team’s management is especially pleased with the depth and quality of the team going forward. So now is the perfect time to buy Essendon Bombers merchandise so you can show the world how proud you are of your team and its superb season. When you want to find the best Essendon Bombers merchandise come and see what we offer at Pool Room Supplies. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Show you’re a Bombers fan

While we are probably best known for our quality pool supplies and accessories, we also have almost everything any AFL fan could want. We have Bombers pool cues and cue cases, a set of Essendon pool balls, as well as flags, bar mats, and stools, wall clocks, playing cards, wireless doorbell chimes to play the team’s official song, even pillowcases and quilts, all with the Essendon Bombers logo. No one will doubt you’re a Bombers fan after you show them all this wonderful swag. We’re in New South Wales and can ship your merchandise to you no matter where you live in Australia. We’re also happy to send Essendon Bombers merchandise to you no matter where you live in the world. Contact us today.

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