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How to Brush your Pool Snooker Billiard Table

The brush is one of the most important items when it comes to caring for your Pool Snooker Billiard Table. NOTE: Brush in one direction only, the same direction each and every time. Brush from the “D” end down to the racking area (with the grain/direction of the cloth) for the bed and cushions. Cushions: First brush under your cushions then on top, (the end cushions brush clockwise) start at the “D” end, you can use a “Rail Brush” to make this easy. Bed: Second brush the bed from the “D” end down, all dust is brushed out the end two pockets. Last you will have to re brush under the end cushion An estimate on how often to brush is every 10 hours of play, When the table/cloth is new brush every day the table has been played for the first 3 weeks. Marking your table: It is a good idea to re mark your “D” and Spots every 12 months, it will keep the cloth looking fresh. (we have marking kits in store for all size tables).