LARGE Tropicana Rio Family Hammock Hammock Capacity 250kg 5 x Colour options

CODE: RFH 0400


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Rio Family Hammock

Great for:

Verandas and Pergolas Pregnancy and Breast Feeding Yachts Camping Back Packing


Durable Stylish 100% cotton Dimensions (Approximately): 2.5 x 2.0 Max Capacity: 250 Kg

otton Dimensions (Approximately): 2.5 x 2.0 Max Capacity: 250 Kg

Rio Family Hammock, as its name suggests it is a product designated to your loved ones: your family.


Tropicana Imports has researched along the years to find the best combination of materials and weaving techniques to ensure that your family is enjoying top quality hammocks.


There are 34 running strings plus 4 stitches to ensure maximum safety under the weight capacity of 250Kgs. You are not going to put your family in risk with $20 hammocks, are you?

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