The PowerGlide range is the most

exciting yet, with major improvements

across the whole range.


New exotic woods

Better materials

Improved specifications

The latest construction technologies

Stunning new cue and case designs

We are proud to welcome you to the

PowerGlide collection.. 

The cues fit into the Classic, Tournament, Professional, Heritage and Prestige ranges meaning that there is a cue to suit all price points and all abilities.

When play-testing the cues John Parrott thought they were some of the best “off the peg” cues he had played with. 

Innovative use of materials also features in the cues with the striking Diamond cue using Resin in its hand-spliced butt meaning that each cue is unique and the stunning Diplomat ¾ cue having a Bakelite joint to give a seamless cosmetic look and which gives a great “feel” on the shot. 

Quality enhanced grain Ash shafts feature throughout the cues and many of the 3/4 Snooker cues are supplied with a 6” mini extension and a soft case. 

These new cues complement our existing ranges perfectly and with our extensive range of Pool Cues, cases, balls and accessories we are sure that you will find that all of your Cue Sports needs are catered for here www.poolroomsupplies.com.au.

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POWERGLIDE Pool Cue Tipping kit, Glue, Tip...

$29.95   $26.00

PowerGlide Pool Snooker Billiard Cue VINCI...

$299.95   $129.00

PowerGlide Classic Spyder 2 Peice Pool Cue...

$99.00   $64.00

Powerglide Pool Snooker Billiard Cue Tip T...

$19.95   $13.00

PowerGlide Classic Maestro 2 Peice Pool Cu...

$99.00   $54.00

POWERGLIDE Classic Fusion Pool Snooker Bil...

$159.95   $74.00

POWERGLIDE Classic Spyder Pool Snooker Bil...

$159.95   $74.00

POWERGLIDE Masse Classic Pool Snooker Bill...

$159.95   $74.00

PowerGlide 2" inch Pool Balls Christmas Bi...

$89.90   $49.00

POWERGLIDE Tournament Prism Ash Pool Cue

$119.95   $99.00

POWERGLIDE Trick Blue Pool Snooker Billiar...

$159.95   $74.00

POWERGLIDE Trick Green Pool Snooker Billia...

$159.95   $74.00

POWERGLIDE Calibre Black Classic Pool Snoo...

$159.95   $74.00

POWERGLIDE Trick Green Tournament Pool Cue

$99.00   $49.00

POWERGLIDE Trick Blue Tournament Pool Cue

$99.00   $49.00


$99.00   $44.00

PowerGlide Masse Classic Pool Cue with 10m...

$99.00   $64.00

POWERGLIDE Tournament Diplomat 3/4 Ash Sn...

$239.95   $199.00

POWERGLIDE Senator Tournament Snooker Cue OUT

$99.00   $77.00

Kids K01 Classic Powerglide Timber Flare o...

$49.95   $39.00

PowerGlide Accessory Wallet

$99.95   $69.00

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