NPC's Selection of Branded Pool Balls Set the Tone for Your Themed Man Cave

Many men dream of having their very own man cave. This dream usually entails an expansive basement all to themselves that is permanently stocked with beer, tasty food, cigars, and a pool table ...read more .

Shop NPC's Selection of Snooker Balls Online and Keep Your Snooker Table Looking Good as New

So you've finally done it! You've made the leap from being a casual snooker player—playing when the opportunity arises on a Saturday at the pub or over at a friend's house—to being a snooker table owner. Welcome to an exciting world of possibilities ...read more .

A Wholesale Billiard Cue from Pool Room Supplies Can Provide the Right Break

After you rack the balls, there is nothing like a solid, clean break. The right billiard cue plays a significant role in how well a player performs the break. At Pool Room Supplies, we cater to pubs, clubs, and the individual looking for the perfect ...read more .

How to Choose the Right Billiard Stick Length (And Where to Buy Billiard Sticks Online)

You may have noticed that at NPC Amusements, our pool cue selection varies quite a bit regarding length. At the bottom of the spectrum, we have cues that measure 36 inches. At the other end of the spectrum, our billiard sticks can reach up to 60 inches in ...read more .

Your Next Company Promotion – Custom Dart Boards

You have done all of the typical promotional marketing that companies do. There were the t-shirts, the mugs, custom designed mouse pads, and much more. Take your game to the next level with custom dartboards from Pool Room Supplies. We are Australia’s ...read more .

NPC Amusements: Your Source for High Quality Custom Pool Tables in New South Wales

Are you looking to build an impressive game room, man cave, or entertaining space in your basement or back room? Do you want to draw friends and family to your house for drinks and billiard competitions? If so, don't settle for a pool table made of ...read more .

Bring Your Pool Room or Pub to Life with a New Dart Board

Any bar or Man Cave worth its salt has a strong selection of games to keep guests from just standing around. The game of darts is a classic standby that livens up any party or gathering and NPC Amusements offers unrivalled variety and affordability when it ...read more .

Buy Dart Flights Online and See Your Game Soar

Anyone who has played a game of darts in his or her lifetime knows that a dart doesn't always follow the course you'd like. Nothing is more disappointing than throwing what ought to be a smooth spiral that ends up careening into a wall or landing on the ...read more .

Enjoy Some More Use Out of Your Incomplete or Broken Dart Set and Buy Dart Parts Online

Having a dart set in your home is somewhat like having a pool table or a ping pong table and can be a fun alternative to those two games if you don't quite have enough room in your home for a full table set up or the necessary surrounding space to play ...read more .

Buy Dart Sets Online for Yourself or as a Gift for Any Occasion

Darts are most often looked at fondly as a casual game to play at a bar when the pool table isn't open. For many people, it can become much more than that, though. This does not mean that you have to take up darts professionally to fully appreciate the ...read more .

Professionals and Amateurs Alike Can Buy Dart Shafts Online at NPC

A good darts player possesses a steady hand and a keen eye, but these can only get you so far. One needs the best quality tools to get the best quality results and the game of darts is no exception. At NPC Amusements, we offer a wide variety of plastic ...read more .

NPC's Selection of Branded Pool Balls Set the Tone for Your Themed Man Cave

Many men dream of having their very own man cave. This dream usually entails an expansive basement all to themselves that is permanently stocked with beer, tasty food, cigars, and a pool table ...read more .

Save Money by Buying Your Pool Cue and Other Pool Supplies Wholesale Online

Playing pool can quickly become a costly hobby. Once you get started by purchasing yourself a table, you will soon learn that there are accessories galore for the esteemed indoor sport. Once you become good at the game, you will no longer be able to ...read more .

Choosing a Pool Cue – Wholesale Pool Cues from Pool Room Supplies

If you are an experienced pool player, you understand the frustration of playing with pool cues that are not your own. Using your own cue takes the guesswork out of attempting to find the straightest stick in the room. When you are searching for a pool cue ...read more .

For Snooker Cue Sets and Other Man Cave Accessories, NPC Amusements Has You Covered

At any party or gathering, the game room becomes the centre of the festivities. The games of pool and snooker, in particular, have been a way of bringing good company together to settle friendly wagers and get parties going. Even if you’re just ...read more .

When Buying Your Snooker Cues, Consider NPC Amusements Your Game Room Go-To

NPC Amusements has become the leading provider of game room supplies in Australia and abroad thanks to our insistence on carrying a wide variety of quality products for professionals, pubs and poolrooms, and casual players. On our web store and in our ...read more .

The Difference Between Pool, Billiards and Snooker (And Where to Find Wholesale Snooker Cues or Pool Sticks)

What is the difference between pool, snooker and billiards? Often these three terms are used more or less interchangeably. A billiard hall might be where you go to play a game of pool and an untrained player might refer to snooker and pool interchangeably ...read more .

We Have Billiards Supplies for Serious Pool Players

Pool is an entertaining game. First, you go out one night with your friends and play a few games. Then your interest in pool becomes a regular hobby. You go out to play perhaps as often as once a week. And as your technique improves, you may finally reach a ...read more .

Don't Let Low-Quality Dart Boards Ruin Your Good Times

Imagine attending your best friend's bachelor party. You drink ice cold beer, eat expensive, perfectly seared steak and play darts in an ill-lit pub that you had been patronising for decades. You have a great time reminiscing about all of the things ...read more .

Buy Phil Taylor Darts Through This Quality Business

If you’re a serious player of darts, you’ve probably wanted to buy Phil Taylor darts at some point. Phil Taylor darts are the choice of a pro—95% tungsten, and 100% professional for the darts player who wants to get serious. Your biggest problem may have been ...read more.

Phil Taylor Tungsten Darts Available Through NPC Amusements

Phil Taylor tungsten darts are some of the best darts on the market. They’re extremely high quality, and look fabulous. They’re also typically quite expensive. Ouch. They’re also not the easiest things to find, which can make getting Phil Taylor tungsten ...read more.

Spruce Up Your Man Cave When You Buy Target Darts Online in Australia

So, you’ve finally cleared out space in your house for a game room, entertainment centre, or pool table, and you’re looking for some great accessories to add. Well, you probably won’t be satisfied with just anything—and chances are, your guests won’t ...read more.

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